What is Online Notary?

Online Notary, otherwise known as Remote Online Notary or simply RON, is a completely legal option for getting your notary needs met without having an in person interaction with a notary. With RON, the entire interaction, and notarization takes place online through a secure platform, and you receive your documents right away. Online Notary ensures we are social distancing, is convenient, safe and works on your schedule.


Online notary is a great solution for documents requiring multiple signers who are in different locations, Hospital patients, nursing home residents, homebound individuals, or anyone who doesn't have the time of desire to go to a notary office. 

So how does it work? 

  1. Contact Go Notary to get a quote. 

  2. Email your document(s) to gonotaryllc@gmail.com. PDF formats are preferred. Most smart phones have a document scanner that will allow you to scan your documents and email us a PDF.

  3. The Notary will prepare your documents, and schedule an appointment with you to sign them.

  4. You will receive an email with your appointment time, and a link to the secure online video conference. 

  5. You will receive an invoice for the total amount

  6. You will receive an additional email with steps for identity verification. This process takes less than two minutes.

  7. You will review and sign your documents with your notary via the video conference.

  8. Your notary will ask you to open the link in your invoice & submit payment. 

  9. Once payment is confirmed, your Notary will complete the notarization.

  10. Your transaction is complete. You will receive email confirmation, a receipt for your payment, and your documents. 

Depending on the number of documents and signers, this process can be completed in 15 minutes of less. The entire process is very easy. 

You will need access to a computer, or a smart phone with a forward facing camera, and of course access to the internet.

Please use the link below to watch a quick video explaining how the entire process works. 


docs can be notarized anywhere.png